HBR Homes & Miami Termite Prevention Resources

A lot of people has a problem with the insects, especially in the coastal homes in the Miami area. The problem begins mostly during the early spring and summer and lasts till September/October. These home intruders can make serious hazards and therefore it is important that these are exterminated as early as possible. www.BestMiamiPestControlService.com is the best pest termite and pest extermination crew you can find in Florida, so if you have any problems, call them. Now you might wonder: what kind of insects they are dealing with?


MosquitoesOnly the state of Florida hosts more than 80 different types of mosquitoes and the state offers some of the best places for colonizing, like ponds, marshes, and floodwaters. These are the perfect homes for these creatures as they can live there and reproduce peacefully. The reproduction is not the problem, but rather the diseases they can spread. These include malaria, dengue fever, Zika virus or West Nile virus. The pregnant women are in danger of these mosquitoes as these can spread of these diseases even to babies that these women carry. The bites last for days and the place that itches you becomes red and swollen.


Termites are one of the most common pest problems all over the world, and they can make significant damage to your property. These are known as the wood destroyers as they destroy the timber and all wood materials. Although there are many different species, the most common ones in Florida are Drywood and Subterranean species. Termites love to peel the paint on wood, so if you see any peelings, you might want to call the extermination crew! They also make the wood hollow inside although on the outside can everything look normal.


Among all pests, fleas are the worst form of pests as they, like mosquitoes, can cause severe itching and skin problems. They often infest the home via dogs, cats or other animals that live within your home. Once they are attached to the fur of your animal and get inside, they can easily spread out through the entire house. Once they bite you, they leave painful, itchy and red bumps on your skin that stay for weeks. Besides, they also carry various diseases like bubonic plague or bacterial diseases, so the treatment is a must.


RodentsYes, mouse and rats are the most common forms of these and can be found in almost any setting and environment, although the damp is the best place for them. They tend to avoid direct light, so it is likely that you will see these in attics, basements or places that do not have the constant light source. Besides the diseases they can spread, they can do huge damage to the property by eating electric cables and wires, insulation or even roof. Generally, they are not harmful to people unless they bite you and transfer disease, but they are scared of people and usually run away to hide.